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With Buffalo still digging out from snowdrifts that measured more than 7 feet in places, the Bills scrambled to get their players together to fly to Detroit Friday. For some, the commute to the airport involved riding on snowmobiles. The team also plowed the streets in a neighborhood where several players live.

If you ever doubted the NFL isn't a ruthless cutthroat enterprise hell bent on its capitalistic ambitions, here it is. These comments by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell are a smokescreen and drip with insidious intentions. His peddling this reefer madness rhetoric is dangerous and harm far more than it benefits, which singularly is NFL owners. Roger Goodell and the NFL are not stupid or ignorant about cannabis; they are very, very smart and playing these narratives to their advantage and to obscure other pressing issues. I would say it's a move straight from the playbook of the man we call President.

The Los Angeles Rams hire young and oldThe new coach is energetic, talented offensive mind Sean McVay, age 31. The cheap world cup jerseys new defensive coordinator is the venerable Wade Phillips, age 70, last seen turning the Denver Broncos' defense into a championship caliber monster. The combination should mean new energy and excitement for Wholesale Jerseys CBS Supply a Rams team that has hit some doldrums. Whether it means success depends on how much McVay has with young quarterback Jared Goff.