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Four Luxury apartments with marble soft in lights colors. The light fixtures have details in onyx. brought from the state of Puebla in the heart of mexico. Doors, tables, beds and sofas are carved by hand in three different types of fine wood, Huanacaxtle , Cedar and Spring. The nobility of the materials selected , the dedication of The staff to the care and quality service, puts Apart -Hotel San Pancho in the Top as lodging within The region.

Located in a prime area

We are located 200 meter from the beach, from Two of our four apartments, Huahua and Ticla, you will have ocean views and You will listen to the sound of the waves in each of the areas of the Apart- Hotel, Next to Las Huertas a beautiful 9-hole golf course and three blocks from Av. Tercer Mundo (San Pancho’s main street). A complete gateway to relax and have the privacy you deserve.


Apart – Hotel San Pancho, Address

Dirección e información de contacto

CONTACTO +52-311-258 4517 + 52-1-322-728 4435
America Latina 112 Esq. Calle China.

Address and contact info

CONTACT +52-311-258 4517 + 52-1-322-728 4435
America Latina 112 Esq. Calle China.

Servicios , las preferencias

Apart – Hotel San Pancho, Servicios , las preferencias
  • Aire acondicionado.
  • De alta velocidad de acceso inalámbrico a Internet.
  • Un rey en la habitación y una cama individual en el salón .
  • Edredón de plumas y ropa de cama almohadas
  • 48 " HDTV de pantalla plana con acceso a cable completo y canales de alta definición . (CIELO).
  • Trabajar desk.Breakfast energía y healtly cada day.Cleaning la habitación cada día , Recepción 24 horas .
  • champús jabones y toallas.

Amenities, preferences

Apart – Hotel San Pancho, Amenities, preferences
  • Air conditioner.
  • High-speed wireless internet access.
  • One King at the room and One single bed at the livingroom.
  • Down comforters and pillows linens
  • 48” flat screen HDTVs with full cable access and high definition channels. (SKY).
  • Work desk.Breakfast energy & healtly every day.Cleaning the room every day,Recepción 24 hr.
  • Soaps shampoos and towels.

Hotel Categories and Prices

Apart – Hotel San Pancho, Hotel Categories and Prices
Promoción de la aberturaU$D 82. ( $ 1500 MXN)Estancia mínima 3 noches
Promoción de la aberturaU$D 105. ( $ 2000.MXN)Estancia mínima 3 noches
Promoción de la aberturaU$D 162. ( $ 3000. mxn)dos habitaciones separadas completa
Tarifas estándarU$D 135. ( $ 2500. MXN)un balcón de la habitación aparte
Tarifas estándarU$D 162. ( $ 3000.MXN)terraza aparte
Tarifas estándarU$D 216. ( $ 4000. mxn)dos habitaciones separadas completa
Año nuevoU$D 162. ( $ 3000. MXN)un balcón de la habitación aparte
Año nuevoU$D 190. ( $ 3500.MXN)terraza aparte
Año nuevoU$D 270. ( $ 5000. mxn)dos habitaciones separadas completa

Hotel Categories and Prices

Apart – Hotel San Pancho, Hotel Categories and Prices
Promotion OpeningU$D 82.($1500. MXN)Minimun stay 3 nigths
Promotion OpeningU$D 105. ( $ 2000.MXN)one room terrace apart
Promotion OpeningU$D 162. ( $ 3000. mxn)two room full apart
Standard RatesU$D 135. ( $ 2500. MXN)one room balcony apart
Standard RatesU$D 162. ( $ 3000.MXN)terrace apart
Standard RatesU$D 216. ( $ 4000. mxn)two rooms full apart
New YearU$D 162. ( $ 3000. MXN)one room balcony apart
New YearU$D 190. ( $ 3500.MXN)terrace apart
New YearU$D 270. ( $ 5000. mxn)two rooms full apart


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