Hotel Cielo Rojo

Hotel Cielo Rojo

Enter description for Right in the heart of cobblestone San Pancho lies the charming boutique Hotel Cielo Rojo – simply elegant and pleasant rooms, warm and inviting decor (a feast for those who love detail and unique art objects), exquisite food, personalized attention from its lovely staff, a perfect balance between that quiet intimate experience (SeattlePI review named the hotel as one of 20 top affordable romantic getaways between seattle and and a fun vacation complete with lively dinners, cultural activities, good conversations over coffee or during the ocassional wine/tequila tasting nights and, in general, the authentic spirit and kindness of this small mexican town.



The accommodations consist of six guestrooms and two suites (the third floor Suite, includes a lovely palapa roof). Vacation at the Hotel Cielo Rojo in order to escape to pristine, clear water beaches for swimming, sunning and surfing. Enjoy natural beauty and old-world Mexican charm where donkeys share the streets and roosters are your wake up call.

The hotel’s concierge service offers personalized attention and service for entertainment, cultural activities, tours, spanish lessons, and the many other activities in and around San Pancho. Same day laundry service can be arranged, in which laundry is folded and delivered to your room. As well as, evening babysitting can be arranged. The hotel offers acupressure, reflexology and Swedish massage treatment sessions in the privacy of your own room.your listing.

From USA: 011-52311-2584155
Within Mexico: 01-31125-84155



Category Price  
Guestrooms Queen Bed $2600 pesos / night
Suites Queen Bed + Two Twin Beds $4000 pesos / nightt

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