San Pancho Restaurants

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Dine at one of several world class restaurants or, at one of many great little taco stands, pizza joints, and take out chicken rotisseries. San Pancho is quieter and more dignified than Sayulita, but it displays its own exotic mix of locals and ex-pats.

San Pancho has dozens of restaurants ranging from your basic, humble, taco and rotisserie chicken stands to bohemian coffee shops, wine bars, seaside seafood joints, and gourmet dining rooms with views and desserts to die for. Take a stroll up and down the main street, Tercer Mundo, and you’re sure to find something you want to eat. Or head north towards the remote resorts, and discover gourmet heaven along the way.

playa de san pancho
Sayulita Nayarit

Where dreams come true: flying through the canopy, surfing a perfect wave, galloping down the beach on horseback—or simply lying in a hammock under a coconut tree, without a care in the world.

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Live Beach Webcams

A place where anything is possible, where imagination can run wild, where freedom defines reality. Let your imagination lead you into our Mexican dreamland.

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Isolated, two miles from town, on a secluded beach-find yourself in a veritable paradise...

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Get Away Experiences

Unlike anything else you ever seen, take a trail ride, yoga, surf and paddle, visit whales...

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San Pancho/Sayulita weather reports and forecasts are actually for Puerto Vallarta. In the summer they will show thunderstorms every day while it is sunny in our area.

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Where To Stay

The great thing about staying in San Pancho, aside from the tranquility, is the range of choices. You can hide away at a remote resort way out of town in the jungle...

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What To Do

Play serious polo in San Pancho, at La Patrona Polo Club, where you can watch the ponies and riders at play. See many, many birds as the sun rises or by going out...

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